iPhonography Variations

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I walked in with a safety pin
Hanging from my face
My head was shaved
My shirt was ripped
I was a punk kid case

Kids at school thought you were cool
you didn’t even try
You just had that spark in you
A fire in your eye

I was weird from a different world
A freaky little thing
People treated me like shit
‘Til you took me on your wing

I was dealing with some heavy stuff
I don’t think you understand
Your friendship changed
Other’s minds
Your kindness
Helped me stand

This may seem like crazy talk
But I’m telling you the truth
You treated me equally
You influenced my youth

I’ve always had a special place
For you inside my mind
You helped me
Not from of pity
But because you’re really kind

I don’t know, is this strange?
That was 18 years ago
Maybe I just feel like
Finally you should know.


Day Trip

We took a day trip to Waha, Idaho. Lots of wheat fields and rolling hills on the way to the mountains. Our drive took us from Lewiston, Idaho to Waha, Idaho.