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Art Fun

Art Fun | DavsArt

I got a new app called iColorama, this in combination with a few other apps, Superimpose and Procreate to name a few, and I’m having so much fun creating new art.

Art Fun | DavsArt

Art Fun | DavsArt

Art Fun | DavsArt

Art Fun | DavsArt

Images available via Davs on Etsy.

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You Know Tis Love | DavsArt

Print available HERE

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Leigh Viner

Featuring Leigh Viner

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Currently in Denver living my dream working as a full time freelance artist and photographer and dreaming the next dream of moving abroad eventually, but I think the stability with family while my daughter is still young is better here for now. I can always travel, which I have a strong passion for as well.


When did you know that art was your thing? From a very young age, It was always something that I just loved and being a shy child I found it as a great outlet to express my emotions.

Do you have a favorite medium? It depends on the moment while I am creating. Some weeks my camera is my favorite medium, while other times painting with oils or illustrative work. I have a vast collection of art supplies now and just have to go with what I am feeling when deciding what to use, most of the time I love to mix a bit of everything.


What’s your favorite part of the art making process

It is almost a meditative process, I find that while I am creating I am really still and truly in the moment, otherwise I am one who rarely sits still.

What inspires you to create?

I can find inspiration in just about anything. I sometimes can be overwhelmed with so many ideas, but I try to organize my ideas and categorize them for future projects or when the mood or timing feels right.

What’s the most rewarding thing about sharing your art with the world? Honestly when someone buys a piece of my art and it can bring joy to them for any reason at all, I feel so honored and grateful.

Where can we find your work?

You can currently find my work on these sites: {prints} {originals}

For anyone in the UK I have a few pieces available directly from John Lewis and EasyArt unsigned.

Where can we find you?



Twitter: @leighviner

Instagram: leighviner

Facebook: Leigh-Viner

Pinterest: Leigh Viner

Thank you so much Leigh, I absolutely love your work!