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I just posted a few days ago ‘Experimenting with Art‘ about experimenting with iPhonography and this new way of creating art (new for me) taking a photograph and running it through a variety of art and photo editing apps on my iPad to create something interesting. Well, I had to do another post and show you my latest work. I’m getting excited about what I’m coming out with. These images are very different then my paintings. My paintings are full of bright color and *to me* happiness. These images are a bit dark. But I’m multifaceted so it is ok with me that I’m producing something different then my usual stuff. I hope it doesn’t scare away the people that followed me on social media for my colorful work. But I can’t let that stop me from creating something I find visually fascinating.  Anyway, as I said, I’m excited about these new images and wanted to share.

About Davs, Art

Experimenting with Art


It’s been a little bit since my last post so I thought I’d better catch you up on what I’ve been doing. The above image I finished tonight. I’ve been busy experimenting with, and creating art using photography and a variety of apps on my iPad. It’s an interesting, addictive, and non messy way of getting my art on without actually getting my art on everything… I love to paint, but this new method *iPhonography of creating art is so intriguing and I don’t have to wear special clothes to do it. Ha! I’m still figuring it out. But having lots of fun.