Music, Poetry

The Bowling Ball Blues


I drop like a bowling ball
My bowler cheers me as I fall
I bounce up and down a wooden hall
Crash into red striped pin wall

Down down underground
Darkness drowns me all around
I move so fast sound of light can’t catch me
My bowler comes running back to fetch me

Bap Bap bing bam boom
I’m zippered tight inside a tomb
Light blue leather covers my casket
All my bowler see’s is a fancy basket

Sometimes my bowler takes me out at night
Fingers my holes under halogen light
Sometimes my bowler rubs me with a specialty wax
I never mean to but I always relax

Black and blue those are my colors
I’ve got dents and cracks just like all the others
Us bowling balls we stick together
No one else understands unending bad weather

Sometimes I see it, a glimpse of the sea
It goes on forever and makes me feel free
Through a hole burrowed in my light blue leather case
I imagine the waves liquid misting my face

One evening my bowler put me down on the porch
I could see the ocean and a fire lit torch
I could have rolled down the steps if I had the will
But my bowler controlled me with methodical skill
I could’ve rolled all the way down into the sand
But how would I live without my bowlers command
I could have rolled all the away into the great sea
But the thought of no landing too much terrified me

So here I sit in my light blue leather bag
Banged up and bruised over my roll starting to drag
I look out my peephole at the glistening hues
Don’t hurt me no more I’ve got the bowling bowl blues

~Sarah Davenport 2014