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10 Ten Pinterest Inspired Low Carb Dinner Ideas











Cauliflower rice, diced sweet potatoes, julienned carrots w/a bacon mozzarella cream sauce & bacon bits.


Egg drop soup


Farm fresh eggs scrambled with zucchini noodles, cheese, salsa, sour cream, & green onion


Loaded cauliflower mash with extra bacon


Enchalada skillet with sweet potato noodles


Asian zucchini noodles


Chicken, cauliflower broccoli rice, zucchini noodles, & cheese sauce


Yam & eggs


Thai peanut sauce with sweet potato noodles


Jalapino sausage with avocado cream sauce and zucchini noodles

*Pinterest recipe inspired 

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Spoonie Cooking: Burritos

If you’re familiar with the Spoon Theory, you can probably guess what a spoonie is: Someone who has a limited amount of spoons. I live in a spoonie house, and have loved ones and friends who are spoonies. I’m making this post especially for a special spoonie in my life, who’s name shall remain annonymous, but they will know who they are, and hopefully in the process, I can help a few other spoonies get a new dinner idea while I’m at it. 

With a limited amount of spoons, often times dinner is the hardest meal because it’s at the end of the day, not to mention to a spoonie, the most important because spoonie’s often skip breakfast and lunch because we’re too tired. I understand how common it is for us spoonies to shirk off meals throughout the day. But at some point we have to eat. This meal is focused on getting that job done. It’s not particularly healthy, or unhealthy, it just is. But for us spoonies sometimes that’s all we need to keep on (mildly) kicking. 😉 

Without further ado: Burritos For Spoonies

You will need:

Your favorite hot, medium, or mild sauce for flavor. *I like Verde’s guacamole salsa, with tapatio coming in a close second.

Soft burrito shells

Cheese (preferably shredded)

Refried beans *one can

Ranch dressing for flavor

Paper plates *if you are lucky 🙂 

1. Take about half of a can of refried beans and put them on a paper plate. 

2. Add about 4tbsp of both your favorite hot, med, or mild sauce & ranch dressing.

3. Mix together with a fork.

4. Place two burrito shells positioned like the photo above on a new paper plate. 

5. Pour the mixture of refried beans & sauces into the each burrito shell using the fork, half and half.

6. Topple that thing with cheese. 

7. I hope I illustrated in the #7 photo how I fold a burrito, after that photo was taken, I rolled the rest of the shell over until it made a sort of funnel with one side folded up into the shell.

8. Take a breather. 

9. Microwave for 2minutes and 25 seconds. 

10. While microwaving throw the dirty paper plate in the trash, and put the ingredients away in the fridge. 

11. Be sure to let it cool before you take a bite, but viola! There you are. Hope you enjoy! ❀

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Best Sandwich Ever AKA Egg IN Toast

Best Sandwich Ever AKA Egg IN Toast | DavsArtBest Sandwich Ever AKA Egg IN Toast | DavsArtBest Sandwich Ever AKA Egg IN Toast | DavsArtBest Sandwich Ever AKA Egg IN Toast | DavsArtBest Sandwich Ever AKA Egg IN Toast | DavsArtBest Sandwich Ever AKA Egg IN Toast | DavsArtEgg in Toast | DavsArtEgg inToast Sandwich | DavsArt


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Tofu For Dummies

Tofu For Dummies 5 Easy Tofu Recipes | DavsArt

Tofu is the magical ingredient. It’s pretty much tasteless, so you can transform it into anything from a dessert to a savory dish. I don’t blame anyone who has tasted tofu in it’s raw form and claims to hate it. But what a shame it is to disregard this wonderfully adaptive food without first experimenting. Don’t give up on tofu! You do not have to be a vegetarian to love it, and you do not have to be a well versed the the kitchen to cook it on your own.

Tofu For Dummies | DavsArt

Here are 5 quick and easy tofu recipes and tips that anyone could start with.

Tip: Usually tofu comes in liquid. You are going to want to drain the liquid, and if it’s firm tofu I recommend wrapping it in a towel and pressing down on it to further drain out as much liquid as you can from the block. I usually wrap the tofu in a towel and let it sit on the counter while I prepare the other ingredients before I cook with it.

Recipe one:

Using firm tofu > drain liquid > cube > throw in olive oil misted cooking pan > on burner medium high > drizzle soy sauce or Bragg’s aminos over the tofu > shake pan, use spatula to turn the cubes every which way until each side has a bit of sauce on it > cook/sautĂ© until golden brown, or yellowish in color. DONE

Recipe two:

Using soft tofu > drain liquid > throw in cooking pan over medium high > drizzle with olive oil > add salt, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, dried or fresh basil > sauté until golden brown or yellowish in color. DONE

Recipe three:

Using firm tofu > drain liquid > cube > drizzle olive oil in cooking pan over medium high heat on burner > fill large ziplock back with bread crumbs, crushed up saltines, or brewers yeast > add garlic powder, salt, pepper, curry powder to bag > throw in cubed tofu > shake bag > empty contents of bag into pan > cook/sauté until golden brown. DONE

Recipe four:

Using silkened tofu > drain liquid > drizzle olive oil into cooking pan over medium high heat > throw tofu into cooking pan > add salt, garlic powder > dried or fresh basil, pepper > sauté and use spatula to mix the tofu around in the pan > cook until golden brown or yellowish color. DONE

Recipe five:

Using firm tofu > drain liquid > cube > get brave and choose your very favorite herb and or spice blend > place tofu evenly on olive oil misted baking sheet > sprinkle herb and or spice blend over tofu > salt and pepper > bake at 350 for 8 minutes > open oven and turn tofu over > sprinkle more of your favorite spice blend onto the tofu > salt pepper > bake for another eight minutes. DONE

Tip: Once you get the idea, run with it. Don’t be afraid to add real onions and garlic, firm tofu is a great addition to fried rice or stir fry. Use silkened tofu in a milkshake, firm in soups. Any of the recipes above would go great over rice or in a salad. Wing it and add tomatoes, corn, peas, steamed carrots to the cooking pan. Even plain firm tofu is a great addition to a salad with your favorite dressing. It is high in protein and low in carbs. Again I say it’s the magical ingredient. Enjoy!

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Onion Chili Scramble

Onion Chili Scramble | DavsArt

Ahh, the Onion Chili Scramble, my go to when I’m being good and working on those low glycemic index meals. This dish is easy, low cal, has 21 grams of protein, flavorful, and a huge serving. Calorie total according to myfitnesspal: 335


1/2 cup: Eggbeaters or generic eggbeaters *as you can see I’m using generic
1 1/2 TBSP: Brummel & Brown Butter Spread
2 slices: Sara Lee’s 45 calorie bread *or generic > toasted
4 spritz: of olive oil cooking spray
1/2 cup: diced onion
1 1/2 TBSP: chili powder
Salt and Pepper to taste

To Make:
Spritz cooking pan with olive oil spray
turn stove top up to medium
Peel and dice onion
Throw 1/2 cup onion into cooking pan on stove top
Add chili powder > salt > pepper
Toast bread
Pour eggbeaters over the onions > use spatula to flip! mix and stir
Butter toasted bread
Throw concoction onto large plate
Turn off stove top < this is important


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Brown Rice Pizza Dough

My fiance made this brown rice pizza dough for dinner some months ago. I was so impressed as he milled his own brown rice flour. But not to worry, you can buy brown rice flour ready-made. We were both a little skeptical to try a new pizza dough. If you are well versed in experimenting with different doughs you will know things can turn out very badly. But this turned out to be delicious! How to describe it? Well, it’s not a traditional pizza dough, it’s dense because there’s no yeast. It has a different texture for sure, kind of rustic and hearty, flaky when you bite into it, but sturdy enough not to break while holding in your hand. According to MyFitnessPal with the toppings we used, the 3 1/2 slices I ate came out to 563 calories in all, that’s only about 161 per slice! He used The Laughing Cow creamy swiss light for some of the cheese and a low fat mozzarella sparingly for the other part of cheese. But it was flavorful and filling. We thought, a caprese, or pesto on top of this crust would be excellent too. But really you could go wild and add any toppings you want.

We found the wonderful recipe HERE.

Hope you enjoy!

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Homemade CrÚme Brûlée


My fiancĂ©, I may have said this before, he is a food wizard. Last night he made CrĂšme brĂ»lĂ©e, we do not have a torch so he found a recipe for broiling the top so you get to crack into it like in the 2001 movie AmĂ©lie pronouncing taste for all life’s small pleasures: immersing one’s hand in a sack of grain, cracking the crust of a crĂšme brĂ»lĂ©e with the back of a teaspoon or skipping stones on the Canal St-Martin.


It truly is a luxury to live with someone who can whip up a dessert such as this, one that I’d never tasted before I met him. I’d only ever tried it in restaurants before last night but homemade is always more exciting. If you’d like to try this recipe too you can find it HERE.