Boredom is for Bores


I was on a writing kick a few years ago and churned out three rhyming children’s stories, some short stories, and an unfinished memoir. So two of the children’s stories I attempted to self publish. They are both available but one I would like to change a bit and polish it up before I do any more with it. This one ‘Boredom is for Bores’ I think is the best one of the two, right now. It’s short and sweet. I did all of the illustration, which if you look at the preview you can see that I went the “rustic” route, lol. I think it’s a short enough story that I don’t mind giving a full preview for potential buyers. And you can read the whole story below. The book is available on paperback HERE. I think it would be a great addition to any child’s book collection. I don’t know where it started for me, but I have always disliked it when people announce that they were bored. Maybe that year without a television growing up really got my imagination going, I don’t know. But I think ultimately boredom comes from within and it’s a valuable lesson to teach a child that toys, or things, are not always an integral part of being able to entertain themselves. Hope you enjoy!

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