A bit about me: I’m Sarah, but my pen name is Davs. I’m a self-taught artist from Lewiston Idaho. I grew up watching my father paint signs, carousel horses, and many other things in our garage. Throughout my life I’ve painted, or created things ranging from wire sculptures, jewelry, sewing, or whittling animal faces into walking sticks. Making art has always been second nature to me, and I try to create something as often as possible. Color, intricate and organic textures inspire me. My artwork can be found in over 350 personal collections all over the world, from Finland to the US.

I have two lively little boys, one almost five and one just turned eleven. My youngest has autism and is currently non-verbal although he does say a random word here and there. He was blessed with a cheerful disposition, he loves to laugh, and is great at figuring stuff out, a puzzle wizard. My oldest has charisma, he’s artistic, athletic, mathematical, with an amazing memory and is hilarious. They’re both wildly handsome… I’m not just saying that because I’m their mom. I’m also very lucky to have an extremely supportive fiance who makes lodge-pole furniture and a beautiful summer garden in his spare time and could also be a serious contender on Top Chef. We’ve been together 8 or 9 years, we can’t remember… don’t ask! We kind of love being engaged, it’s exciting, we’re not sure if we’re ever truly going to tie the knot or if we’re going to forever be referring to each other as “fiance.”

I’m not quite sure where I’m going to go with this blog. I’m wanting a mishmash of interests and likes here. I’m hoping to feature some fellow artists, bloggers and creators at some point. This is me diving in. Hope you enjoy!


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