Short Stories, Thoughts

*jumps out of airplane*


*jumps out of airplane*

*pulls parachute chord*

*gust of wind shoots me into space*

*Neil deGrasse Tyson appears in front of pearly gates*

“YOU PASSED THE TEST” *holy shit* “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID” We start to laugh as bubbles from Jimi Hendrix’s bong pop through the sound of my brain expanding at the speed of light until shattered into stardust falling back down to earth… and I realize we’re all just fragments of each other, and the only thing separating us is our personal truths. Our brains, our ego separates us from the reality of who, what, where, we really are, and why.

Look at what humans have done, our brains have driven us from living with the land – to living off the land.

Two forks for one meal. I can barely see the stars at night because; Roxanne keeps putting on the red light. Paralyzed without wi-fi, bored without tv, media, mannequins, make-up, Madonna, mood rings (((money)))

Or was the world always fake?

*jumps out of airplane* *REPEAT until earth no longer exists*


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