Music, Poetry

Name Dropping


Listen to these lyrics put to music HERE

Name Dropping


I was born with the weight of the world on my chest
My life through a cardiac arrest
I’ve never known which color I like best
Everything’s a double entendre
But there’s no more Mae West

I just want a car to sit inside of
Buckled in like a machine glove
Going seventy on a long desert drive
Looking out Hitchcock’s Rear Window
At destruction survived

All I want is some land wild things all around
Laying flat in the brush my body the ground
An echo of Annie Oakley’s gun through the trees
Nothing to do but sort memories

No one really knows not even I
What it is that’s been 30 years stuck in my eye
And I’ll never get used to the things I can’t see
And Kevorkian can’t even clear out the debris

Take me home gravel road take me home rusty car
I’m tired and hungry and travelled too far
Take me home broken tape deck no more Fred Astaire
Let me sleep for so long that I dream like Voltaire


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