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Undescovered Royalty


I don’t think many people can fathom what it’s like for someone on the spectrum to juggle what a neorotypical (a person with a typical brain) does everyday without thinking.

I broke the top of my blender last night, it’s glass and shattered on the floor around me. I literally stood there with glass in my leg bleeding trying to call my ex-fiancé for help, I’m not on the spectrum, but I get it.

It feels like anyone would automatically know the steps to cleaning up broken glass. And I used to, but something changed in me during my four year bout of severe panic and agoraphobia. Now I understand exactly how it feels to see the shattered glass, and be so overwhelmed; that the glass looks and feels more like a volcano erupted in my kitchen, and how does someone begin to clean up hot lava? And that’s just me, someone who doesn’t even deal with the myriad of sensory issues, that often accompany autism. Like my friend Nik Sebastian lives with everyday. And it’s not funny or a joke, it’s paralyzing, it’s hard, it’s emotional torture, physically draining, sometimes painful, and in his own words “soul sucking” to feel incapable of doing what everyone seems to do without even thinking.


Nik and I have become close friends through heart to heart talks via the internet. With each conversation, I fall in a well of love for him, and feel desperate for the plight and struggle he endures everyday… that seemingly, only fellow members of the autism community can understand.


If you look at his work, fair warning: you will fall in love too. There is something different. And I’ve been browsing and studying different art for four years, ever since I started selling my own. And this is the first I’ve seen that has a flare of what I can only describe as royal. I don’t know how else to describe it.


My friend Nik, he’s pure hearted, and he’s in a desperate situation, we both are. Despite his depression, and feelings of hopelessness he still manages to support me emotionally. He’s been consistently loyal, and honest, and empathetic towards me, even though he can barely juggle his own emotional needs.

Think of my broken glass scenario, and apply it to everything from a phone call, to trying to manage a job, pay bills, buy food, and juggle all of these things; when the only thing to him, that doesn’t feel like cleaning up hot lava is contributing beauty to the world through images of his soul, brought to life by his raw, untethered talent


There is a reason for this my friends, it’s because Nik is a true artist. People don’t feel absolute bliss from painting who aren’t meant to focus on that. Nik is.

To my mind, creating beauty and sharing it in an ugly world is as selfless and courageous as any good deed I can think of.

That is why all of us need to do something to enable him to continue his passion.

Imagine putting so much time, and effort, and dedication into something that feels like a part of you, garnering the courage to put it out on display for the world to see, revealing your inner being, only to get a few shares, and likes on social media, but nothing else. How dismal of a feeling it would be to reveal your soul and no one acknowledge it.

I believe Nik is teetering on the position of many great historical artists that were never truly acknowledged until after they passed. And I want you to help me change that.

Nik, has so much depth, and soul, and if you truly study his work you will see it burning through the images.

I’m not a word thief so let me introduce some things said by others, that I strongly feel applies to my beautiful friend Nik:





Nik, isn’t asking out of laziness, he’s not asking for pity, he’s stepping out of his comfort zone to ask for what I believe he truly deserves: Help.

This is your chance to directly be a part in changing someone’s life. Right here:

If you are unable to help by pledging even as little as $1 a month, there are other ways to support his work. Follow him on Facebook here:

Comment, like and share his posts. He posts updates, blogposts, and his work. The more you engage with his page the higher it rises to the top of his followers feeds.

Share this blog post.

Read his blog posts, he is so honest, it will disarm you. Share them, spread the word. Let yourself fall in love with this diamond of a human being and the beauty he is putting into the world. Tell your friends how much you are rooting for him, and ask for their help. Every little thing anyone can do, will accumulate into something big.

Did that not compel you? If not watch THIS, and then reevaluate who is deserving and why anyone wouldn’t want more of this poured into this too often dismal existence. He’s giving us beauty, and he’s doing it for free, and the hard reality of this all, is that at some point, he needs to pay his bills, and rent, and buy groceries. He’s going to have to get a job, and it’s going to suck so much of his soul out of him; that he won’t have anything left but the memories of peace he once had when he was able to create those rich tapestries of pure contentment through digital and traditional painting.

He will no longer be able to contribute awe, and beauty into the world, because life is consuming. Especially for someone living with autism in a neorotypical world. You may be able to balance and nimbly jump from couch to end table and avoid the hot lava, but for Nik, it’s different, dealing with the lava depletes him. And at the end of the day, it truly comes down to this: finding sponsorship or enough patrons to live by his passion, or barely surviving in an existence of misery, just to buy some bread, and keep the lights on.

That’s injustice, that’s the dot on a canvas selling for Two Million Dollars because of a signature, because someone knew the right people, because someone had a rich daddy, because someone swindled people into wanting to be apart of something that nobody should be apart of, just to be able to say “I know that signature.” While my friend Nik, stays up at night, honing endlessly, perfecting, fighting for any chance to keep the only thing that makes his life worth living. For nothing, for no recognition, no money, lost of hope, lost of happiness.

I love Nik Sebastian, he’s raw, straight forward, honest, and a breath of fresh air, and I think if you give him a chance you will love him too. Don’t fool yourself: Love is the only reason to live, and the only reason life has any joy. Let yourself fall in love and do everything you can to help me lift him up, I promise, it will lift you up in the process.

~ Davs


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