Music, Poetry

Fuck Me In The Park


By who’s standards
Are we living?
And by who’s thoughts
Do we decide
How much of life
We’re giving
To what inside us
We thought died

By who’s rules
Are we abiding
How much of us
Are we to give
Why let red tape
Conduct you
This life is yours to live

I want fireworks on Christmas
And presents on the fourth
I want to sail the ocean blue
Forget which way is north.
I want sunsets in the morning
Though I didn’t sleep the night
Laying in a hammock
Floating in sunlight

Vodka in my coffee
Cigarettes caffeine
Cemetery wedding
Be heard but rarely seen
Run naked through through the woods
And every penny spent
Moonshine and moonlight
Handprints in cement

Fuck the social custom
Fuck hallmark traditions
Fuck me in the park
Fuck societal conditions
Fuck your four leaf clover
Fuck the warrantee
Before my life is over
I’m want to sing
In my own key

~Sarah Davenport 2014


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