The Truth About The Truth


When people hear, see, feel, or read a truth, even if it’s not their own, they run to it. They run to it and want to grab on because life is so fictitious.

Truth is precious. And people innately recognize that.

Some will run, but that’s ok.

Here’s the truth about the truth:

When I hear someone say (you’ve heard this before) “I’m not being a jerk, I’m just telling the truth” or “People think I’m being a dick because I tell the truth.” or “People can’t handle the truth” there’s more, they vary. But you’ve likely said or heard this, many times. It disturbs me. Because I feel like in general people like to believe that their truth is the way, the truth, and the fucking life. * pardon my French, this gets me upset. And not at anyone in general, not even at the people who say this.

It’s just this strange belief most humans have in common. That their truth is the ace of spades, and they go around collecting friends who also have the ace of spades, because strength in numbers, right? It’s like the game of Go Fish whoever collects the most matching cards wins.

But why is it a competition? Why does anyone think they know someone else’s truth. Why do we have to share truths to connect with each other?

I often literally judge books by their cover, I’m guilty of that. But I’m talking about hardbacks and paperbacks, novellas. This is the curse of a visual person.

But I digress. Shit like People of Walmart, or taking pictures of random strangers buttcracks, posting, and mocking them in a public forum. It’s no different than looking someone you think you know in the face and saying “how it is” for them. What’s wrong with their diet, attitude, lifestyle, religion, politics. Stop people shaming and shut the fuck up already. Ok?


People can’t handle “the” truth, as they say, because most often the truth is your truth, not theirs.

The truth about the truth; truth is subjective, yes! My scientist friend, if you’re reading this, I just said that. Truth is not about what you can prove, with research, and data. It’s a coping mechanism.

The truth is that people will genuinely believe in something just as unbelievable as…. whatever your definition of an unbelievable truth is. *I plead the fifth here, as to avoid further offense after my French lesson. As long as it makes them feel good. If that means joining a mass of people and talking to a man in the sky, or buying an orthopedic pillow because you spent your day hunched over a microscope, no socks with sandals, red and pink don’t match and you should never wear those colors together, reading the horoscope every single day, knock on wood… I could go on.

The truth about the truth, and what people will come out of the woodwork to hover in it’s glow for is; when someone reveals their own personal truth.
Like unrobing Michelangelo’s David.

When people break down and cry: we see it coming out. When people laugh so hard their faces contort, when they hee and haw like braying donkeys: we hear it. When someone sings a lyric they wrote, or walks to the rhythm of a song: we feel it.

The truth about the truth is that we’ll never really know anyone else’s truth but our own. Maybe if more people realized that we would be willing to share our truths more openly. And we’d all have a better understanding of what truth really is.



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