Stop Drinking All The Tea *Thoughts About Autism


I have known about scripting for three years. My fiancé first told me about it because of some of the kids he’s worked with. He was told it was a sort of escape or place an autistic will go to get away. And to not let it go too far because interrupting a script can lead to meltdown.

AHHH! People!

This is why learning about autism from NON-autistics *Neorotypicals* is so backwards. We’re getting neorotypical evaluations and therapies for people who’s minds are wired completely different than the majority rule. We’re being naive, stubborn, and dishonest with ourselves if we think the answer to helping people on the spectrum lies in our way of thinking, and from our experience of living. We’re being ignorant, and naive in thinking the majority get’s superiority over final say of a minority.

I’m so ready for therapies to be developed by people on the spectrum. Hindering the voices of autistics is perpetuating so much false information, not always on purpose. But sometimes the intent doesn’t matter, not when it leads to oppression, and furthers suffering. At some point society is going to have to face that the Neorotypicals don’t have all the answers, and simply can’t.

Asking someone who does not live on the spectrum what it’s like, is like wanting to know what coffee tastes like, and making tea believing it will give you enough simulation to know.

From the video below, I learned JUST now, after three years of believing I already knew, what scripting really is. And I’d been misinformed.

The fact that my fiancé was trained by “autism experts” and taught about scripting, and given misinformation is a great example for why we need to do everything we can to encourage and empower autistic voices.

This young lady, is saying scripting is actually an autistic coming out in their own way to engage or express themself, not to avoid reality.

Hmm, yeah… I would probably meltdown down too actually, if I was trying to interact/express myself/ or engage with the people in my environment, and made to stop. It would probably feel like being told “What you are saying has no value, so be quiet” when to an autistic individual who participates in scripting, this choice script could have been selected for a variety of reasons, and has a purpose, and applies in some context to their current environment, mood, etc.

My fiancé has been taught in his special training courses that scripting was like going to another world as to avoid this one.

Living in another world, and trying to engage in the existing one: Those are two VERY different things.

I could write a book on 30 years personal experience living as a bipolar, and you would be able to retell my story, and understand me better for it. But until you’ve truly experienced my life. You will never know it better than me.

I talk about autism a lot. And I do take opportunities to be informative. But I’m never going to pretend like my voice should be heard over the people actually living it. And one of the key points I’m zooming in on more and more, when people ask me questions is to say, you know what? This is how I understand it, but the most accurate way to learn about autism is to simply ask someone living with autism, read a blog, watch youtube videos, books, documentaries made by autistics. Information is everywhere.

It’s time to hand over the microphone and let autistics speak for themselves.

It’s time to encourage our friends to go to the source for insight. It’s time to let go of being the expert. It’s time share, like, comment, on social media pages and posts by autistics. If they are able to be a voice it is our job to support that and help spread the Truth.

And if you’re an adult, or young adult it’s time to seek out autistic friends and turn those articles, and campaigns, and statistics into human beings we actually care about. We are veering towards a future where autism will be prominent in every community. And it’s time to start learning about each other on a personal level now.

Don’t let autism become the next civil rights movement. When will we learn and take the initiative? When will we learn from history, as it’s been shown over and over to do extensive damage to any growing population of minorities.

It’s time to take interest in neorodiversity because this will affect you someday, if it doesn’t already. Let it be an open, positive, honest, exciting experience. Let an autistic person tell you things about their realities to help you better understand, and better want to further support for their right to a voice.

Let it change your perspective. Welcoming new and different personalities in your life will inspire you, I promise.




One thought on “Stop Drinking All The Tea *Thoughts About Autism

  1. Wow, it’s really sad that he was told that. I pull lines from movies or songs all the time, because they express what I’m thinking or feeling. Why struggle to re-invent the wheel when it’s already there? I never understood this. I have been known to reply online with links to videos or images that express what I want to say. I’ve no doubt people find it annoying and don’t want to bother interpreting them, but at the same time they expect me to constantly be doing the same interpreting in reverse. Words are often just as unclear to me as pictures are to them.

    As for social scripting, it’s nearly impossible for me to have a non-scripted verbal conversation. Writing is another matter, and I have no problems with that.

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