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Hillbilly Love

Hillbilly Love | part one | DavsArt

I found you at the watering hole
Your wide eyes showed me
Right through your soul
My interest sparked like a burning coal
I made owning your heart
My number one goal

You came from heaven
you came from money
I came from a hive
all bee’s but no honey
But I didn’t give up
followed you like a pup
And you fell for my plan
and now you’re my man

I may not be rich
And I may not be pretty
But I’m ain’t no bitch
I’m not afraid to get gritty
I’ll make you smile
And I’ll keep you laughing
Baby I got style
That’ll keep you dancing

You came from heaven, yeah
You came from above
I mighta come from hell
But got a fiery love
Like a bullet hole
Shot straight through a can
I didn’t give up and
Now you’re my man

Gonna make you happy
For the rest of your days
Gonna keep you right
Show you lovin pays
Gonna stick with you
Like a hot summer tan
And I’ll never give up

Cause baby, I’m your girl
And honey you’re my man

~s.davenport 5/6/2014



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