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Three Quarter Inch Sleeves


Across a smokey bar
I fell in love
Fervent tumultuous passionate
I fell hard
Every free moment alone
His face etched itself into my mind
Three quarter inch sleeves
Like no other
I didn’t even know a person could be so
I wanted to know it all
Our love was like a wave
Crashing into the rocks
But we kept riding it back to sea
Into the wild endless deep
But you can only swim for so long
And we sank
Those three quarter inch sleeves
His hands
His eyes
His voice
His face
I could not let go
I went mad
Dreaming with my eyes wide open
Of him and those three quarter sleeves

Sometimes things go wrong and they don’t get right again
But somehow the stars aligned for me
And he came back

We don’t go swimming anymore
We remember the sea
It was beautiful
But the rocks were jagged and sharp
Now we float in a pond
A shallow pond
where occasionally a skipping rock will make ripples in the water
But it always sinks down to the bottom
And the surface is calm again

This man with the three quarter inch sleeves
Has more character and depth and dependability
In his pinky finger than I have in my whole being
He is everything
Just floating next to him makes me a better person
And I love him now more then ever.

~Sarah Davenport 2014


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