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The Stranger

The Stranger | DavsArt

invision a simple
yet elegant woman
dancing to music
that no one else hears

moving her body
like painting a story
with movements
and rythmn
a picture appears

way out in
the grasslands
there once lived
a shadow
a darkness so lonely
there was nothing worse

such fear overpowered
the city inside it
the dwellers knew
to rid this great curse

then one day
a stranger
from far away
into the valley
with shock and delight

he’d wandered so long
in the hot
blinding sun
looking for some place
to rest
when came night

how lovely the stranger
did say with conviction
as he unpacked
his bedding and bags
with such care

this shadow is golden
this darkness inviting
indeed such a dimlight
abnormally rare

with that
he fell deeply
uncomprimised dreaming
with that he fell
easily into the night
unconscious of others
and fear
that restricts them
the stranger kept dreaming
with comfort
not fright

he dreamt of a place
to him like no other

with grasslands so green
with rainfalls so pure
inside was a letter
in front of him reading

with fear
comes a curse
with none
comes a cure

~Sarah Davenport 1999


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