This is what I love about the world of iPhonography, better known as digital art. One picture can yield a plethora of results. The possibilities are endless. Maybe the examples below don’t quite show the extent in which you can take one photograph and turn it into something completely new, but it’s a taste.

^Original photo. This is me. I hate to always use photos of myself and do use photos of my friends with permission. But when I use a photo of myself I don’t have to worry about getting approval of the end results, so I feel a lot more freedom just using pictures of myself.

Result one

Result two

Result three

Result four

Result five

These images were created using digital painting, photo editing programs that allow me to distort, mirror, color adjust, and filter. I’m still getting to know my different programs and all of these results come by way of simply experimenting and having fun. The ones I really like will be made into prints and are available on Etsy in my shop here: some even get printed onto iPhone cases, throw pillows, stationary, and tote bags. I was painting non stop for a few years but after stumbling on this wonderful artist and iPhonographer Sarah Jarrett I became inspired to try my hand. I will still go back to painting at some point, but I’m so I thrilled by this new (to me) art form that it’s been my focus for several months now. I hope you enjoy seeing some examples of what one photograph can transform into.


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