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Brown Rice Pizza Dough

My fiance made this brown rice pizza dough for dinner some months ago. I was so impressed as he milled his own brown rice flour. But not to worry, you can buy brown rice flour ready-made. We were both a little skeptical to try a new pizza dough. If you are well versed in experimenting with different doughs you will know things can turn out very badly. But this turned out to be delicious! How to describe it? Well, it’s not a traditional pizza dough, it’s dense because there’s no yeast. It has a different texture for sure, kind of rustic and hearty, flaky when you bite into it, but sturdy enough not to break while holding in your hand. According to MyFitnessPal with the toppings we used, the 3 1/2 slices I ate came out to 563 calories in all, that’s only about 161 per slice! He used The Laughing Cow creamy swiss light for some of the cheese and a low fat mozzarella sparingly for the other part of cheese. But it was flavorful and filling. We thought, a caprese, or pesto on top of this crust would be excellent too. But really you could go wild and add any toppings you want.

We found the wonderful recipe HERE.

Hope you enjoy!


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