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Boredom is for Bores


I wrote a children’s story, ‘Boredom is for Bores.’ Its a short and sweet rhyming story about a little girl who learns the value of her imagination. Maybe it’s the few years I went without a television growing up, or the lack of a trunk full of electronic toys that taught me how to swim through hours and hours of time solely on the back of my imagination that causes me to dislike the words “I’m bored.” I don’t think people or children should have to go without, but I do think learning to use your imagination is invaluable. Which is what inspired me to write this short story. It is now available on paperback HERE.

And because it is such a short story I don’t mind giving you a full preview of the book, it is self published so I welcome and greatly appreciate anyone who wants to share it and where it can be purchased with your friends. I think it would be a great addition to any children’s book collection. Hope you enjoy.


I was at my aunt’s for dinner and when the meal was done

The grown ups sat and talked forever, my boredom weighed a ton. Then I said so… Just a couple times, but my aunt replied to me.

“Boredom is for bores” ans she poured herself some tea.

I whispered to my mother. ” that wasn’t nice”., I said. “well you can pout.” She whispered back. “Or prover her wrong instead.

I sat there for a minute, I was a bit upset.

But I listened to my mother and decided not to fret. I didn’t want my aunt to think, that I was just a bore. So I quickly thought of something, I hadn’t thought before.

And soon my evening changed, for the better I might add. As I planned to be an astronaut, I didn’t feel so bad.

When I starred in my own movie, of which was filmed in Rome… Mother tapped me on the shoulder, she was ready to go home!

I thanked my aunt for dinner as we said goodbye that night. I quickly whispered in her ear, and told her she was right!


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