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Featuring Jaymee Laws of mizjaymee

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Tell us a bit about yourself:
I live in a small town in Idaho with my husband, five children and four dogs, in a 110 year old house that has been in my family for three generations. Two of my children are autistic and I homeschool another one of my children. My life is a little chaotic (to say the least) but I try to find time to create art in between mothering and working on restoring my house. Artistically, I focus on painting women who express imagination and emotion, and I also do stained glass mosaic.

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When did you know that art was your thing?
I don’t remember a time when art wasn’t my thing. My father and one of my aunts are both very artistic and have worked in the field. I was encouraged from a very young age to create, and I can’t remember a time when I wouldn’t rather make something than play with toys. I never really liked television and I spent almost all my free time drawing, painting, and sculpting.

seasons bistro
Do you have a favorite medium?
For painting, I almost exclusively use acrylics. I love the look and smell of oil paints but I paint very quickly and have no patience when it comes to waiting for paint to dry. When I am painting, I do so in an assembly line fashion. I sketch out several pieces at once, usually 6-12 paintings, and then I move on to painting them in steps, generally finishing them all within days of each other. Acrylic allows me to jump from piece to piece without waiting. In mosaic, I use stained glass, which is inspiring in and of itself because of its color and texture.

seasons bistro

What’s your favorite part of the art making process?
I would say my favorite part is watching the piece come alive as it’s nearing completion. I start to refer to my girls who are painted as “she” and feel like they have developed their own identity, separate of mine.

seasons bistro
What inspires you to create?
Everything. When I’m painting a lot, I see everyone and everything as a painting. I can’t talk to someone without noticing the lines and shadows on their faces, and seeing them as a painting. A lot of my paintings are inspired by music, particular songs and lyrics tell stories that often get translated into my pieces.

seasons bistro

What’s the most rewarding thing about sharing your art with the world?
I love it when someone is really excited about my work, and when they internalize a piece. I’ve had several people connect personally with the emotions portrayed by one of my girls, and I’ll think, “Awesome. They GET IT.”.

seasons bistro

Where can we find your work?

MizJaymee on Etsy

Art Of Jaymee on DeviantArt

Jaymee Laws on Society6

Jaymee Laws on Fina Art America

Where can we find you?

The Art of Jaymee Laws on Facebook

@mizjaymee on Twitter

Thank you Jaymee, I love your work!


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