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Double Fox Studio

Featuring Flavia and Ildiko from Double Fox Studio


Tell us about yourselves.

We are Flavia Marele and Ildiko Muresan a.k.a. Harem6 from Romania and we create mixed media art objects, jewelry and drawings. We live in Cluj, a student city in the center of Transylvania, with our two dogs and a very creative black cat.


When did you know that art was your thing?

 We both knew ever since we were little children that we like to draw. As we grew up there were different professions we thought we’d like to embrace…

Ildiko:  I remember I thought for quite a long time that I would like to become a professional singer, but I think most of the little children think about that. At the age of 17 I decided I want to live and breathe art.

Flavia: I always wanted to be an actress for quite a long period actually, but then I decided to take the exam for the art school as I started to enjoy photographing. I also knew I like creating things and I want to do this seriously when I was a teenager.


You do drawings as well as clay sculpting, do you have a favorite medium?

Ildiko: At the moment our favorite medium is clay. We love experiencing new techniques and materials, favorites can change but there will always be a constant favorite and for me it’s the pencil. It brings such a joy and creates the sort of comfort which only those who love it can really understand it.

What’s your favorite part of the art making process?

 Flavia: The best part is when nothing actual is happening, when it’s all in the mind. The  moment when imagination seeks for a first step  form in our minds. There is so much excitement and a thrill about the before moment of the actual creating process.


What inspires you to create?

 There are so many inspirational things and moments. Life around us, nature, words, sad rainy days, the sun on an autumn morning, films and many more, feelings…


What’s the most rewarding thing about sharing your art with the world?

 The positive feedback we get from those who look at what we make. The joy we bring to them makes us wish to create more.


Where can we find your work?

Double Fox Studio on Etsy

Where can we find you?

Harem6/Double Fox on Blogspot


Double Fox/Harem6 on Facebook


Ildiko and Flavia on Twitter


Double Fox on Pinterest

Thank you Flavia and Ildiko, I’ve loved your work ever since I discovered it on Etsy back in 2010. Lovely!


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