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Olivia Beaumont


Featuring the artwork of Olivia Beaumont


Tell us a bit about yourself:                                                            I’m Olivia and I live in Savannah, Georgia. I often say I should have been born in the countryside of Georgia, but I hail from Long Beach, California. I am an introvert who likes goats, teapots, and motorcycles, and I have an over-developed laugh box.society61

When did you know that art was your thing?
I had it pegged by 5th grade, if not sooner.society61
Do you have a favorite medium?
Oil paints. Classic and beautiful.society61
What’s your favorite part of the art making process?
The transformations a painting goes through from day to day can be exciting, like getting to know a new friend.
What inspires you to create?
Many artists talk about observing things in a unique way. It’s true. An idea is usually sparked by something I have observed, whether it’s the scale pattern on an alligator, or a personality trait of a friend. I love art history, so I tend to play off of historical figures and paintings in an imaginative way with the Baroque Beast series.  society61
What’s the most rewarding thing about sharing your art with the public?
It enables me to keep a business running and continue making more art!society61
Where can we find your work?society61
Where can we find you?society61
Thank you Olivia, long time fan of your work!

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