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One Minute




Every parent can identify with the fact that no matter how well you childproof, if you turn your back for one minute they will find something to get into. Sometimes it’s aggravating, others I have to do everything I can to keep a straight face and not laugh because I don’t want to encourage him. But for all of those hair pins we found down in the piping of our bathroom drain, the broken eggs, the water flooding our kitchen counter and floors, or the hours going through the house searching for that DVD I had to return to the library and end up finding it in the last place I would’ve thought to look: the DVD player. I want to remember theses things forever. Because they grow up too fast. And that doodle that took me an hour to scrub off the wall, even though it made me angry at the time, when I look back is precious. Because the next thing I know he’s going to be writing term papers and signing a lease and off on his own in the big wide world. And these little mishaps I’m going to look back on and they’re going to make me smile and wish for simpler times.


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