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Perles de Verre


Featuring Erin Dubrow of Perles de Verre


Tell us a little about yourself.

Born in the South and raised by Northerners, I am the youngest child in a family of five. I am still “the baby” despite being in my thirties, married with my Masters degree in Education and Administration, and now owning a small business. I guess some things never change….

When did you start offering your work to the public?

June 2011 on Etsy!

From someone who knows next to nothing about beads what makes them lampwork beads?

Lampwork beads are made in front of a “lamp” also known as a torch. You will also hear lampworking refereed to as flameworking or torchworking. Most artists on Etsy list their beads, marbles or jewelry under the term lampwork.


Do you make the beads yourself?


Give us a rundown of the process of making lampwork beads.

Each bead is made one at a time. I start with a long rod of glass about the size of a pencil in diameter and 2 feet long. I slowly heat the rod until it glows, then wrap the glass onto a mandrel (skinny steal rod). Once the bead is one rod I use other colors to add polka dots, stripes or other designs. The more detail the more time. Finally, the bead goes into a bead blanket (think of the insulation in your house) and it rests their for a few hours before it is cool enough to be used in jewelry design.


When did you discover your love for lampwork beads?

My love of lampwork actually started as a fascination with glass. I was drawn to the properties of glass at a young age. My mother, sister and I would go to flea markets and I would want to handle the antique plates and dishes that came in various colors in the 1940s and 50s. Remember your gradmother’s milk glass or the jade colored fridge glass, I was obsessed. For my 21st, birthday my mother got me a glass to learn to work with glass and that is how I where I learned the basics of lampworking. Since then, I have taught myself though books and you tube!

What’s the most rewarding thing about selling your handmade creations?

If you search jewelry on Etsy, millions of options will appear (the day I wrote this the exact number was 5,425, 210!!). Knowing that yours was chosen as the perfect piece of jewelry for someone.


Where can we find you?







Thank you Erin! I love your bright, colorful, beautiful work.

And just because you saw it here Erin was gracious enough to offer a 10% discount to anyone who visits her shop, just use code: Save10


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