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I stumbled upon farmersdaughter52 while browsing art on Etsy. I was really taken by the color, detail, and imagery in her paintings. So I’m very pleased to be able to feature, interview, and present some of her work for you here. Hope you enjoy.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Connie, I was born in 1952, I grew up on a small family farm in central Texas and had what I consider the most fortunate childhood possible. Surrounded by wonderful family and community my youth was filled with opportunities to experience the many joys of a simple but most fulfilling and rewarding way of life.

Each day brought lessons necessary for survival in both the literal and figurative senses. A pride and appreciation of self-sufficient industry as well as the love of honest hard labor balanced with the necessity of working in harmony with others to guarantee a prosperous outcome for all are values I do not take for granted.


What inspires you to create?

In my attempt to honor those who gave this legacy to me and also to leave a history for those who will come in the future, I have been inspired to share in craft and pictorial essay my memories of those days,which are past, but never forgotten. It is my desire that you too will be delighted and entertained by remembering or experiencing anew a most cherished era and way of life.


Tell us about your art.

I am a self-taught artist. The country scenes I paint offer pictorial stories reflecting childhood memories. Scenes combine actual places embellished by the use of whimsical artistic license to depict stories of various events and traditions or simply to create a visual spectacle rich in emotional value. My eventual goal is to combine a group of works accompanied with narrative into a children’s book to preserve in visual essay,a tribute to a most cherished time and way of life.

Thank you so much Connie. I really admire your paintings. In addition to artwork Connie also creates and sells handmade crochet, quilts, needlework, and ornaments through her online shop on Etsy farmersdaughter52 check it out!

*Please note: Connie’s artwork is protected by copyright. Please be thoughtful before sharing links or images of her work by contacting and asking her permission first. Thank you.


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