Mental Health

Anxiety is Real


I see those inspirational quotes all over the place, you know the ‘Happiness is a Choice‘ memes. I think it’s true, in a sense, positive thinking is really helpful *if* you’re in a place mentally where you are capable of it. But I also feel extremely annoyed by the idea that people think anyone can just decide to be ok, and be ok. Hormonal and chemical imbalances are real and if you really believe that one can just decide to be happy and it will magically happen, consider yourself lucky to have never known mental illness. Maybe think about how making statements like that is discounting millions of people with real disorders that are fighting everyday just to get out of bed in the morning. Would you tell a person with cancer to just think it away? I doubt it.


8 thoughts on “Anxiety is Real

  1. Rachel says:

    Yes, thank you! I get sick of hearing it, too. I know people mean well, but it translates poorly, almost like “blame the victim.” If I could have “thought” my way to happy, I would have done it, damn it! lol No one tries to be depressed.

  2. THANK YOU! I just started my blog to write about my life and to connect with others that suffer from anxiety as well. Most important that everyone who has it knows it is real, our society is so convinced that people can just stop thinking the way they have been wired to think for those with anxiety and other mental conditions that is not true.

    • I agree. There are some real misconceptions about mental health. The more people willing to get out there and talk about it the better. I hope you have great success with your blog. ❤

  3. Chay says:

    I hate anxiety. The older I get the worse it attacks. I have even limited my coffee intake to almost nil and alcohol, for me is a big contributor. I hate it. I have no reason for my anxiousness (that I know of). I don’t know if it’s linked to my fast metabolism but I can’t shake it. I live with it. Some people have it way worse and along with mental health problems…I really feel for those individuals.

    • I haven’t decided how much information I’m going to give about the mental health issues I struggle with. But I’m comfortable admitting that anxiety has been the bane of my existence going on 5 years now. It kind of riles me up too, that I feel embarrassed to really come out and talk about my mental health because of the stigma surrounding it. But that’s a whole other story. I’m sorry Chay that you have to deal with anxiety too.

  4. Exactly! Inspirational quotes are all very well, and nice, and well meant I am sure. But they undermine the fact that mental illness is *real*, not someting you can think yourself out of, any more than you could a physical illness. Well said, anyway.

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