Riding On The Line


Riding on the line
Could’ve been a shadow
Between the houses
Between the street lights
Just behind the sign

Riding on the line
Can’t justify the distance
Between your sweet breath
Between your heartbeat
How far it is from mine

Riding on the line
I draw for days past
By the wayside
Alone and empty
Sipping dollar wine

Riding on the line
I cry into my pillow
I don’t want to be a bother
I feel like an insect
I feel it all the time

Riding on the line
I hope you’ll still love me
When you grow up
When you’re ready
To put this all behind

Riding on the lie-i-i-ine

~Sarah Davenport 2014


iPhonography Variations

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The Fourth Wall Art Studio & Gallery

Art lovers of all walks will uncontrollably shiver at the variety of talent we have here in the LC Valley.

The Fourth Wall Art Studio & Gallery is located at 832 Main Street, Lewiston Idaho. Check it out yo.

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I give my love to thee


I was waiting by the road
for them to appear
But I got the feeling no
when a car came near
We ran up on the hillside
You found a place where we could hide
So many faces we have tried
Among the places our hearts died
This is where the the world lied
In between a tree
and a bush scraping my knee
Here we are just you and me
Hiding from a headlight
A driver we can’t see
Crouch beside me now
Because I don’t want to bow
Lay beside me please
I’ve lived my life upon my knees
Hold onto my hand
Nothing to understand
I just can’t run upon this sand
I can not navigate the land
I don’t have my own command
And I’m not the girl that you had panned
But I’m worth it when I stand
I’m put together by a strand
Of polyester silk
I need a little bread and milk
I’m leaf upon a tree
And the wind has hold of me
But I give my love for free
I give my love for free
I give my love to thee

~Sarah Davenport 2015


The Rhyming Stalking Murder Story With Swear Words


Too much a’talken
Not enough walken
These days a’stalken
ain’t easy as old times
I ain’t getting younger
And your window seems higher
But this danggam hunger
Makes me into a liar
Bold crimes
Baby just let me
Climb into your body
You won’t know I’m there
And I won’t be as naughty
As the police report pins me
Angel let me in then see
I just want own you
Stone moan and bone you
Just shut up
And then do
What I say and I’ll lend you
A breathing hole into
the box that
I send you
Ten two and I’m out
Darling don’t start to shout
Cry whine and pout
But bend without doubt
Limp bitch why you playin
What the shit
Bitch why’d you quit
I didn’t hit you legit
I didn’t choke you that long
Wake up cunt
I wrote you a song
Why you always ruin things boo?
And now it won’t be long
Until I’m locked up
Why this always go wrong
Bitch it’s your fault
This ain’t assault
I love you bitch
Now fucking wake up

~Sarah Davenport 2014


Grandma Ain’t Having More Babies


Grandma smoked when she scrambled eggs
I had a patch on my knee and bruise on my legs
I always came running to that old dinner bell
Which was just my grandma and a powerful yell

She had me climbing trees when I was five
Boy ain’t it a surprise – that I’m still alive
She had me pick out a switch for being a bitch
Grandma-ma been through dark times dried pitch

I’m not into hitting but grand mom ain’t quitting
She believe the rod rules – to her that shit fitting
But grandma ain’t having more babies
Belt buckle scars less likely than rabies

No Grandma ain’t having more babies
Oh no-no-no-no-no-no no more babies
Oh my grandma she can’t have no more babies
No Grandma can’t have no more babies

**Alternative ending
Maybes to rule with a fist was the way
Back in my grandma-ma’s day
But I believe
That the
We want quit
Can be learned
Using words
Ain’t no need to
We got
Birds worth in lexicon
Stomp that shit out
With language and your
Listening ears on
Slapping and cracking is easy
That shit going out with febreeze-y
It ain’t cheesy to get on your knees
Explain thank you, hello, and please
Jesus is physical pain
How you say
This is how
I want you
To live
Fuck you.

~Sarah Davenport 2014

Music, Poetry

Forgive Me


I was six laying in the street
Blood gushing bike at my feet
A lady pulled over and walked me home
You weren’t there but I’d rather be alone

Saw him beat you when I was nine
You played the world like you were fine
I couldn’t talk to you about our life
You weren’t there you were his wife

They made us hide our necklace keys
Said that guys would prey on these
I hitchhiked when I was ten
You weren’t there was that a sin

I slept under a bridge at 16
We ate candy with our winning
In the dark I’d toss and turn
You weren’t there but for you I’d yearn

I went to jail when I 18
Girls were nice but one was mean
Guards watched me nude in the shower
You weren’t there but more the power

I hated you at 24
I locked you out when you’d knock my door
You were there but not in a way
That I could justify today

At 26 we both forgave
Our hearts broke forth a healing wave
You came back and so did I
What we’ve gone through still makes me cry

You are my world at 32
Don’t know how I’d live without you
You are here and so am I
I’m gonna love you ’til the day I die

~Sarah Davenport 2014