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Cultural Casualty


You always say how you admire my creativity
But going my own way seems to ruin my humanity
In your mind I’m just a blind formulation
In your mind I’m just a simple simulation of a human of a being
I’m not a girl
I’m a machine
in your mind
You left me behind
In a pile of scrap metal
In your view
I’m not the bike I’m just a peddle
In your brain
I’m the tracks I’m not the train
So you grind me up
Store me in labeled jars
In your mind
I’m the pavement
For cars to leave their tread-mark scars
In your mind
In your mind
In your mind
I’m not a girl I’m a blow up doll
here just for you
I twirl and twirl and twirl
In your mind
I’m not a girl I’m an ice cream cone
Here just for you
I swirl and swirl and swirl
In your mind
I’m not girl I’m just a pearl fixed on a tiny ring
Hidden in a box behind a key and locks
I’m just a thing
In your mind
I’m just a thing
In your mind
In Your Mind
In your mind
You are blind to who I really am
I’m not a person I’m a game – a whim
Misogynistic objectification drilled in your brain
Led to loss of human relation – that’s insane
In your mind
I’m not a girl I’m a physical sensation
Anything more might ruin my score
So keep my heart on the floor
My personal thoughts just ignore
I’m just a picture to adore
I must’nt shatter preconception
Your mind can’t handle anymore.
In your mind
I’m just a tease unless I give you what you please
In your mind
I breath just for you – bow down to all you do
In your mind
I have no mind, spine, heart or soul
I’m a wind up toy for you to twist and pull
In your mind
Man made ideologies control you
In your mind
Societal dogma stole you
In your mind
A mistaken credo steamrolled you
You’re a victim of the system
Just as much as me
The result of a devised decision, unspoken decrees
Desperate by the cost of living
Crushed by hidden fees
In your mind
You think you’re fine but
You’re a cultural casualty

~Sarah Davenport 2014

Music, Poetry

Howard Hughes’n It


I need a drink array, not just one or two, but a display.
I want coffee, water, gin and juice. My momma calls it beverage abuse
I like to sin like they do in bars. They say Howard Hughes stored urine in jars. I’ve peed in beer bottles in the backseats of cars. My closet’s full of coffee stained scars.

I’ve got san pellegrino, I’ve got a mojitto, I keep sake at 70 degrees.
Hot cocoa; I like white. Rum and iced tea. I have a bottle of whiskey that gives a good bite. I sip, spill, drip and refill, it’s not all for thrill, hooch can put up a fight.

Momma thinks I’m losing it. Doc thinks I’m abusing it. But you can tell old Jim Beam we’re alright.
Cause I’m
Howard Hughes’n
Howard Hughes’n
Howard Hughes’n
it tonight.

Went to the dentist, made me rinse with tap water, nothing to chase it, like a poor farmer’s daughter. Went to the grocer had to drink from a fountain, no lemon or lime, like some hinterland mountain. Went to the river, had nothing to drink, like a deserted, rusted up, garbage dump sink.

See I can’t be blamed, my thirst can’t be tamed, my needs won’t go unnamed. So tell Jim Bean we’re alright.
Cause I’m
Howard Hughes’n
Howard Hughes’n
Howard Hughes’n
it tonight.

~Sarah Davenport 2014

Music, Poetry

Galaxy Pants


The constellations in my mind
Cannot be defined by the letters in a book
A billion stars shine together
By gravitational attraction no need of interaction
All I need to do is look

Oh galaxy pants
Come and do your dance
Come on and
Shake my universe
Like an asteroid romance

Oh galaxy Tights
Come on and shine your lights
Dip me low on
Earth bound nights
Show me your meteor delights

Oh galaxy pants
Oh galaxy pants
How can you walk on by
And leave me in the sky
Your like a comet flying by
You left some stardust in my eye

Oh galaxy pants


((End scene))

By Sarah Davenport 2014

Short Stories, Thoughts

*jumps out of airplane*


*jumps out of airplane*

*pulls parachute chord*

*gust of wind shoots me into space*

*Neil deGrasse Tyson appears in front of pearly gates*

“YOU PASSED THE TEST” *holy shit* “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID” We start to laugh as bubbles from Jimi Hendrix’s bong pop through the sound of my brain expanding at the speed of light until shattered into stardust falling back down to earth… and I realize we’re all just fragments of each other, and the only thing separating us is our personal truths. Our brains, our ego separates us from the reality of who, what, where, we really are, and why.

Look at what humans have done, our brains have driven us from living with the land – to living off the land.

Two forks for one meal. I can barely see the stars at night because; Roxanne keeps putting on the red light. Paralyzed without wi-fi, bored without tv, media, mannequins, make-up, Madonna, mood rings (((money)))

Or was it faux before (pronounced be-pho) we arrived?

*jumps out of airplane* *REPEAT until earth no longer exists*


13 | A True Poem About Domestic Violence


13 years ago
I loved a man I didn’t know
I knew he was violent
But justified my swoon
I thought I was safe
Because he’d take me to the moon

I’d known him two weeks and a day
And let him fly me far away
I went with blindly out of bliss
The bruises hurt less then his kiss

A year later I accepted
That one day I would die
At the hands of the man
That I’d hold when he would cry

I wanted to love him so much and so long
That even my death would be like a love song
I wanted to show him that no matter his way
My love was unbending that my love would stay

I remember this moment; I blacked out and came to
He was holding me weeping and my love for him grew
The secret between us though anti beau monde
Felt like a foundation that strengthened our bond

But my child got older, started noting things around
saw me weep as his dad held him while beating me to the ground
It was slow motion when my boy’s eyes and mine locked
I’d never seen my innocent child so hurt, scared, and shocked

I would’ve stayed forever, I’d accepted my own end
But I couldn’t let my baby grow up in a stitch that few can mend
So I got up, grabbed my son, and pushed my husband out the door
I called the man, husband ran as I cleaned my piss up off the floor

13 years ago, I loved a man I didn’t know
Perpetually throughout the years I’ll fight the seeds he’d sew
13 years later I can’t count the times I’ve wept
I cry for him, his broken heart and the love he couldn’t accept

~Sarah Davenport 2014

Music, Poetry

In Two Years


I don’t care what you say
I’m keeping watch
In two years
In two years
A smashed glass dawned with scotch
Spain and bullfighting
Horror movies
And sleep
Rain and night writing
Androids dream of sheep
Laughing and fighting
Fucking so deep
That no strike of lightning
Will destroy what we keep
Shut the fuck up
Say nothing at all
Just wait and you’ll want it
More than you want the banal
Shut the fuck up
And don’t think of love
Think of lost kitten
Metamorphosis Dove
Shut the fuck up
Break all the mirrors
I’m keeping my watch
In two years
I’ll be smashing a glass full of scotch

Music, Poetry

El Rancho


Roll up in green Datsun strolla’
Whip it in El Rancho pulla’
Bump the luggage up the rolla’
She never did what mama told ha’

Bed got holes from cigarettes
Ashtrays full of hair barrettes
Tiny soap folded towelettes
She comes through with all her threats

Bang it
Pop it
Stick it
Lock it
Treat it like a shot and drop it
Ain’t no use in tryin’ t’stop it
She got he fingers in her pocket

Her legs got cuts from shaving dry
Highway stretchmarks down her thigh
Scars from pins above her eye
But she takes he up to heaven’s sky

If she not happy no one colda’
If she cryin’ don’t try to hold ha’
She losin’ grips – shits gettin’ olda’
She never did what mama told ha’

~Sarah Davenport *Davs 2014